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Part-ID 0850-0065 / 2620

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Compact PLC with 1kW Power Output
The STG-65 contains a freely programmable Mini-PLC including a high voltage power output to control AC-loads up to 4A (continuous operation). Supported by an interface of 0-10V as well as two universal inputs the STG-65 can be used as an direct AC-driver for i.e. heaters, fans etc.
The Mini-PLC comes with an internal temperature sensor and a circuit to monitor the AC voltage supply.
The power output is able to drive AC-loads up to 1kW using full-wave or cutting-wave phase control in a range of 0..100% (switchable software modes).


  • Freely programmable 1kW Power Mini-PLC
  • High Power Output for AC Loads
  • 4A countinuous Operation
  • Operating Voltage Range 100..240 V/50/60Hz
  • Suitable for inductive and resistive Loads
  • Ideal Driver for Heating Elements, Fans etc.
  • Easy Setup for Temperature Regulating Applications
  • Load Control Range of 0..100%
  • 0..10V Interface
  • 2 freely programmable Inputs
  • AC Voltage Monitor
  • Internal Temperature Monitoring
  • Programmable Status-LED
  • PC-Connection and Diagnosis via ´STG-connect´
  • Convenient Connection via Spring Terminals
  • Vibration resistant and waterproof Sealing
  • Wide Temperature Range -40 .. +60 °C
  • With Aluminium Mounting Plate
  • Also available as OEM Version
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 × 40 × 22 mm


  • Temperature controls
  • Power control of heating elements
  • Speed control for AC fans
  • Dimmer control for lighting applications
  • Delay control circuits

Delivery Contents

  • Mini-PLC STG-65
  • Connectors for Mini-PLC
  • Programming Templates (Download)
  • Manuals and Sample Programs (Download)

Download Link
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