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BARTH Programmer PG-2

Part-ID 0017-0002 / 2390

Shippable in 2-4 Weeks.Shippable in 2-4 Weeks.

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Programmer for BARTH Mini-PLC
The PG-2 is based on the succesful PICkit 3 of MICROCHIP® and comes with two specially designed Connection Cables usable for all BARTH Open Source Mini-PLC.
The Programmer with its USB Interface provides a convenient Connection between a PC/Notebook and the Mini-PLC, in addition it supplies the PLC with the required Operating Voltage of 5 V to enable Field Programming.


  • Small and fast Programmer
  • Usable for all BARTH Open Source Mini-PLCs
  • Operating Voltage Supply via USB
  • Field Programming possible
  • Full Speed Connection 2.0
  • Diagnosis LEDs (Power, Busy, Error)
  • Supported Voltage 2..6 VDC
  • Easy Integration in MPLABX® IDE
  • No Software Driver Installation required

Delivery Contents

  • Programmer PICkit 3
  • Connection Cable VK-6
  • Connection Cable VK-7
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Detailed User Manual

BARTH Programmer PG-2 Barth