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BARTH Engine Controller STG-125 12V Kubota

BARTH Engine Controller STG-125 12V Kubota

Part-ID 0850-0125 / 3262
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Intelligent and ultracompact Engine Controller

  • Engine START/STOP by one Push Button
  • Automatic dynamical Preheating Control
  • Self-acting Starter Motor Control
  • Ignition Mode provides low-battery Cut-Off
  • Generator Control and Starter Inhibition
  • Oil Pressure Control & Cable Break Detection
  • Temperature Control
  • Automatic Failure Emergency Stop
  • Entirely splashproof Housing IP 65
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use in harsh Environment
  • Fully protected against Sand, Ice and Rain
  • Compact panel mount Housing
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range 7 to 32 VDC
  • Operating Temperature from -30 to +60°C
  • KUBOTA® 03-M-/05 Wiring Harness available


  • Construction Machines
  • Agriculture Machines
  • Exavators and Diggers
  • Diesel Generator Sets

The STG-125 is an innovative and comfortable Diesel Engine Controller with outstanding monitoring functions suitable for all KUBOTA® Diesel Engines out of the 03-M- and 05-Series.
Thanks to the high integration grade the STG-125 replaces vintage ignition switches and panel-mounted indicator lights by one powerful and reliable unit. As a result you save precious space and wiring effort and won´t get affected by broken or corroded mechanical ignition switches.
The controlled preheating and engine start procedures ensure in combination with the automatical failure engine stop functions the longest possible engine life.
In addition BARTH® offers the wiring harness KB-900 suitable for the STG-125 Engine Controller providing direct connetion to all KUBOTA® Diesel Engines out of the 03-M- and 05-Series.
For bulk buyer BARTH® supplies the STG-125 also as OEM product in customer-tailored versions.