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Shippable from July 01, 2022
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Not available for the UK. This article is not Fire Retardant. - Generous, comfortable stool - Part of the well-known Rodeo series - Upholstered in recycled leather (70% leather / 30% polyester) - H 45 cm x W 84 cm x D 54 cm The Rodeo series by Dutch interior label BePureHome is modern, sturdy and contemporary. The Rodeo’s are spacious and offer a wonderfully firm seating comfort. The high leg frame makes the furniture look slender and airy. Rodeo is known for its timeless combination of colours and materials, inspired by the 50’s and given a modern twist. Dare to go Rodeo! Material The Rodeo stool is made of a combination of solid wood [fsc], chipboard [fsc], polyurethane foam with a density of 25 kg/m3 and a zigzag spring. The seat contains a polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kg/m3 (HR3532). This Rodeo is upholstered in recycled leather. Recycle leather gives a unique look and is a sustainable choice due to the use of leftover leather! The recycled leather consists of 70% fibres from real leather and 30% from polyester. The material is made up of two parts: the bottom layer consists of recycled real leather, which gives it a natural look. The upper layer is a polyester covering that protects the leather and prevents unevenness. This makes it a sturdy combination fabric. The microfibre is knitted from very small synthetic fibres. This production technique ensures the sturdiness and a fine, soft feel. The fabric is very colourfast. During use, the appearance and structure of the fabric will show more of its natural characteristics, but this does not change the durability and quality. Dimensions The Rodeo stool has a total height of 45 cm, width of 84 cm and depth of 54 cm. The metal legs are 20 cm high. The stool can take a weight of 100 kg. Maintenance Clean this combination fabric weekly with a damp cloth. Stains? Use neutral soap to remove the stain and pat dry with a damp cloth, definitely do not rub. Rubbing leads to light stains in the fabric. Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight, this can cause light spots. Discoloured recycled leather will never regain its original colour. Recycle leather does not need to be impregnated, treating it with leather grease is highly discouraged. Delivery The Rodeo stool is delivered in one package. The legs are easy to attach using the supplied assembly instructions. To protect hard floors, place felt glides on the underside of the legs.

  • Color Black
  • Material 70% Leather/30% Pes
  • Dimensions cm 45×84×54
  • Assembly required