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Part-ID 0850-0660 / 3476
Shippable in 2-4 Weeks.
MADE IN GERMANY - This product is handcrafted and manufactured in Germany.

Compact PLC with CAN and 19 I/O

  • Small and universal CAN Logic Controller
  • Programmable with all PIC18 Compiler
  • 6 analog Inputs 0..30 VDC, 12 bit ADC
  • 4 digital Inputs up to 10 kHz
  • 8 Power Outputs up to 1.5 A
  • 1 Power PWM Output 2 A/1 to 32 kHz
  • 1 CAN Interface
  • Reliable Solid-State Outputs
  • Fail Safe Oscillator
  • Programmable Status LED
  • TTL-232/USB Connection to PC
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range 7..32 VDC
  • Wide Operating Temp. Range -40..+60°C
  • Ultraflat Housing, Height 10 mm
  • Vibration resistant and rugged Sealing
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany


  • Technical Education
  • Industrial Automation
  • Test Systems

The innovative STG-660 extends the established BARTH® CAN Mini-PLC series with an outstanding Open Source hardware concept.
With similar dimensions in comparison to the STG-600, the STG-660 provides hardware-oriented programming at lowest current consumption and the well-known small form factor.
The CAN bus allows the user to connect a variety of network components to the Mini-PLC, for example: displays, stepper motors or CAN sensors.
The STG-660 does not need any peripheral components to operate. Both inputs and outputs features highly integrated and rugged protection circuits to operate the Mini-PLC in really harsh environment.
These outstanding features open up a variety of application fields in industrial, automotive and 12/24V battery-powered applications.
The STG-660 is also available as customer-tailored OEM version.

Delivery Contents

  • Mini-PLC STG-660
  • 3x Connectors for Mini-PLC
  • Programming Templates (Download)
  • Manuals and Sample Programs (Download)

Download Link
open source templates

Open Source Programming Partner

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