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BARTH Regulator VGR-200 12V/370W

BARTH Regulator VGR-200 12V/370W

Part-ID 0200-0200 / 1285
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Universal electronic Regulator

  • Suitable for 12V Battery Systems
  • Continuous Charging Current 25 A
  • Fits to 2- and 3-Phase Flywheel Generators
  • Highly stable Charging Voltage (SENSE)
  • Integrated Temperature Compensation
  • Reliable Solid-State-Technology
  • Vibration resistant (2K-Potting)


  • Motorcycles, Quads and ATV
  • Outboard Engines, Motorpumps, Generators

The electronic Regulator VGR-200 opens up a wide range of applications and supports 2- and 3-phase flywheel-generators up to 370 W. The integrated SENSE-Circuit compensates any drop-off voltage at the charging wire and ensures a highly stable charging voltage at the battery. The alu die-cast housing of the VGR-200 is fully sealed, vibration resistant and waterproof. A spacious heatsink ensures optimal heat dissipation for long life operation.